Nomadic Nanostate

The Nomadic Nanostate is a manifold work that addresses the economical situation of visual artists in Finland using the XX Mänttä Art Festival in 2015 as a case study. The work consisted of several informative elements such as video, audio, and statistics, that deals with the topic. The main aspect of the work was a participatory performance which allowed the exhibition visitors to enter the exhibition space without paying the entry ticket fee. Instead, they became volunteer workers for the “Nomadic Nanostate”. When volunteering as a performer they were given a customised entry sticker and a whiteboard, which they needed to carry with them while walking around the exhibition space. On the whiteboard the visitors could write their own messages.

Logo design: Juha Paakkolanvaara
Musical composition and performance: Tomas Takolander and Tero Pajunen

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